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Battery Strapping Tool

1,Model NO.:Z323
2,Strap width: 13-19mm
3,Strap thickness: 0.4-1.35mm
4,Tension force:  3000N
6,Joint way:friction welding
7.Approx. 75% of strapping breaking strength

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Z323 electric buckle-free plastic strapping tool ,packaged electric tools, battery-powered energy, high-speed tension friction welding, one complete package, fast, strong weld smooth and beautiful, especially the machinery has compact and can be highly mobile, easy to carry and so on . Widely used in light steel industry, nonferrous metals, paper, stone, wood and other new packaging tools.


Z323 is battery powered plastic strapping tool,the driven type is electric .it tension and friction welding at one time,the pack speed is very  fast,the machine is light ,easy to take and move,it is widely use in iron and steel industry,metal,paper making  and stone ,building industry.


Model: Z323
Tool size: 335x159x126mm
Net weight: 4.4kgs, parcel weight: 7.5kgs, each set contains two batteries and one charger 
Apply to Strap width: 13-19mm
Tensioning force: 400-2000N
Speed: 152-250mm/s
Battery: 14.4v Capacity: 2.4-2.7mmA
Chargeable with voltage 110v to 240v

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